honey fuck i am drink

middle of nowhere, Oregon. sometimes Washington. 21.
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  • rly glad i’m not pregnant rly mad i have my period

    and when i had my anxiety attack at least g was there and he let me cry on him and he told me terrible jokes and tried to sing things and uggghhhh i thought i got over him because of nick but clearly i haven’t!!!! we sat there for a while and he had his arm around me and it just felt so comfortable and i don’t know i just like him a lot still

    so sometimes RAs will put up graffiti boards in our halls but HONESTLY that’s one of the worst ideas because you’ll end up blacking out a lot of really inappropriate things that residents write on them

    one in our building with the title “what’s on your bucket list?” had a lot of really terrible things written on it but the worst was “statutory rape” 

    i just don’t understand why anyone would think that’s funny!!! it literally gave me an anxiety attack!!!! some people have experienced things in their lives and they don’t need to see shit like that, written as a joke!!!!

    i ended up tearing down the poster even though it wasn’t mine and i’m still just really upset about it


    In a village filled with corpses. “I roll investigation.” Rolls. “I got four threes.” -Drew

    In a whispered voice: “You see dead people.” -Beth

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